Hi, pleased to meet you, I’m Anca.

I am a lifelong learner dedicated to supporting individuals to reconnect with their inner resources, transform challenges into strengths and live the happy and fulfilled life that they choose for themselves.

I believe that with the right support, guidance and tools we are all capable of overcoming all challenges and create a life we are excited for. I am here to support you in this journey to yourself and to reaching your full potential.

My lifelong interest in human nature and fascination about how our minds and bodies work led me to pursue a diverse education which allowed me to gain understanding in how they interconnect.

As pharmacist by studies and holding a PhD in pharmacy and chemistry, I learnt about the complexity of the body, it’s health and how to address ailments in a more traditional way. My scientific background allowed me to learn to dive deep into understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things and moving from ‘root cause’ to solutions.

My personal challenges and my curiosity and desire to deeply understand the (hidden) dynamics that drive and connect us, have led me to continue with various therapy courses and trainings. I came across systemic therapy and family constellations and I got to experience the impact and benefits it had not only in my life, but also in the lives of others. That’s when I decided to follow this path. I have trained for 5 years in systemic therapy and family constellations with Cecilia Altieri at the European Institute of Systemic Education and Coaching, Brussels, Belgium, of which I am part of in my quest to supporting education in systemic thinking.

“Our task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”